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In order to help you make the right decisions with your estate, The Law Office of Tamara L. Capone goes step-by-step through your wills and trusts, health proxies, beneficiary designations, and more so that no stone is left unturned for your loved ones. Call 315-218-5853 today to make an appointment and get a FREE consultation about your estate.

We offer a reasonable cost and fee for every case that we work on!


  • Wills and trusts

  • Powers of attorney

  • Health proxies

  • Living wills

  • Beneficiary designations

  • Charitable giving and donations

  • Personal and business assistance

Estate law services

In order to build your case, simply call The Law office of Tamara L. Capone at 315-218-5853 today for a FREE consulation! We'll listen to your case and lay out a plan of action to serve your best interests.

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